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"I believe that Wushu is a high level art and has a lot to contribute especially to serious students like me.
Without Wushu, I never would have experienced the style that has affected and helped me with my improvement with my previous other traditional Kung Fu styles."

- Landy Keil

“... In the beginning, I joined Wushu Central for the workout. Soon after, I found myself very excited about the prospect of incorporating wushu into my daily life. I believe wushu to be a very beautiful and self-enriching art."

- Kristi Kerr

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Enjoy this amazing collection of Wushu videos. You will find over 15 hours of videos with everything from competitions to stunt performances here. And yes, it's all free.

Important Note: These students and performers have trained for many years in order to execute the feats here. Please seek formal instruction to learn how to practice Wushu properly and safely. Do not attempt this at home.

1987 Chinese Wushu Nationals

Watch select competitors such as former champions Yuan Wenqing and Zhao Changjun compete at the 1987 China Wushu Nationals.

1995 Chinese Wushu Nationals

Watch former champion Liu Haibo and others at the 1995 China Wushu Nationals.

1996 Chinese Wushu Nationals

China's top Wushu athletes compete for the gold at the 1996 China Wushu Nationals.

2005 Beijing Wushu Team

Watch the Beijing Wushu Team's performance from their 2005 U.S. Tour. China's premier competitive group executes amazing Wushu forms to music.

2012 Chinese Wushu Nationals

These 2012 Chinese Wushu Nationals videos feature amazing Wushu competitors at the top of their game.

2013 All China Games Qualifiers

Watch the top Wushu competitors in China compete for the opportunity to represent their province in the prestigious All China Games.