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"I have achieved something at Wushu Central that I have been wanting to do since I was eight years old but never been able to. After only two Tumbling classes, a sweat soaked shirt and one week of sore leg muscles i landed my first Aerial followed very closely by my second Aerial! I was ecstatic, everyone in class cheered and I felt great! I can't thank Wushu Central and all its instructors enough for existing because without them I don't think I would have EVER landed a Aerial!"

- Thomas Clarke, 24 years old

"Before walking into the school, my idea of martial arts revolved solely around fighting techniques and how to defeat an opponent.

Wushu Central introduced an unfamiliar concept to me- not one of destroying, but one of creating (creating cool forms).

If anything, what I learned from Wushu Central makes me enjoy martial arts more than I ever did."

- Joseph Quito, 22 years old

"Since wushu class started for me, I have gotten more athletic and finally reached my physical goals.

In addition to improving fitness, I have also become more outgoing. Being more outgoing, I made more friends in school and in wushu class. Wushu Central has become a big part of my life and I'll never regret starting my wushu journey."

- Ashley Chan, 14 years old

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What is Tumbling?

Tumbling is a skill which blends extremely well with martial arts, especially Wushu! In this fun and structured class, students will learn step-by-step the basics of tumbling beginning with simple postures and rolls, and progressing to aerials, handsprings, and flips. All this is taught with safe padding, equipment, and professional coaching.

Now you get the benefits and learning experience of both world-class martial arts and gymnastics tumbling in one place!

Our Curriculum

Wushu Tumbling is divided into 5 levels of progressively more difficult and advanced techniques:

LEVEL 1 - Basic terminology, postures, front and back rolls

LEVEL 2 - Intermediate rolls, hand stands, cartwheels

LEVEL 3 - Advanced rolls, round offs, one-handed cartwheels

LEVEL 4 - Slow flip-flops, preps and lead-ins for advanced tumbles

LEVEL 5 - Handsprings, flips, aerials, and butterfly twists

Students progress at their own pace with no pressure to advance faster than comfortable. Students who practice diligently between classes are likely to progress at a quicker pace.

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