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Sparring & Self Defense

"After joining Wushu Central, I have seen wonderful physical benefits myself from the training.
I am stronger in my hip joints, more flexible then I have been in years, and having a wonderful time putting my body and mind through complicated training and exacting standards which challenge me in a way I have not experienced since Ballet.

I respect the teaching strategy you take with adults and children and the patience and positive attitude you and everyone around you shows. It is a positive place to come, practice and improve body and mind."

- Indira DeWinter

"Before I joined Wushu, I always avoided participating in sports or any kind of ongoing physical activity. I was never athletic, and I lacked motivation.

Once I summoned the courage to try Wushu, I realized it was one of the best decisions, I ever made. Wushu challenged me to achieve more than I dreamed possible on both a physical and spiritual level.

With each kick, stretch, and stance that I learned, I gained strength, endurance, energy, and confidence. I still have much to learn and improve, but Wushu has motivated me to reach my full potential."

- Christine Ryczkowski

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What is Sparring & Self Defense Class?

This class gives students the opportunity to take the techniques learned in class and apply it to more realistic combat scenarios. Our self defense style is unique in that the three ranges of fighting - kicking, punching, and grappling - are all used, which closely simulates actual combat.

Our class focuses on a variety of techniques and combinations based on Wushu, and also incorporates styles such as Taekwondo, Boxing, Krav Maga, and MMA. Methods are not restricted to any one style, but are rather chosen by their effectiveness for the individual as well as various situations. Students have the opportunity to practice with one another in both restricted and full contact sparring exercises.

Full Body Workout

Are you ready for a great workout?
Some of the major benefits of our sparring class include:

  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
  • Improved strength, flexibility, and stamina
  • Enhanced coordination
  • Improved stability & balance
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Potential reduction of body fat
  • Potential to burn up to 800 calories in 1 workout
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Increased self-confidence

Is it safe?

Sparring in any form carries some inherent risk of injury, but with proper preparation and guidelines, the risk can be kept at a minimum. The following rules must be observed by students to ensure safe practice:

  1. You agree to act in a mature and orderly fashion. No horseplay of any sort will be tolerated.
  2. All students must wear protective headgear, chest protection, gloves, foot pads, shin pads, mouth guard, and groin protection (males only) when participating in contact sparring.
  3. At no time are students allowed to spar each other without the Instructor present.
  4. Strikes or kicks to the head, neck, or spine are not permitted in this class. Intentional breaking of this rule is ground for immediate and automatic dismissal from class or the school at the Instructor‚s discretion.
  5. Your partner in all exercises is someone with whom you cooperate with to improve self defense skills. Do not treat or regard them as an opponent. Your partner's safety is more important than scoring points.

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