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Feedback from previous participants:

"You made the class fun and enjoyable. We love your sense of humor! I feel better now that both my daughter and I have taken the class. I noticed that Brianna is now locking the car door so thank you for that. Thanks for putting together this class to fit with our needs!"

- M. Nguyen

"I really enjoyed the workshop and would recommend this course to anyone who doesn't want to be a victim. Sifu Chang is an excellent instructor with the ability to communicate across all age groups. After taking this workshop you'll really want to come back for more."

- A. Stanton

"Thank you so much Sifu for such a great class. I feel confident that I will have the courage to defend myself in case of need. I really enjoyed the class and I want to do it again!"

- C. Gonzalez

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Saturday, September 8, 2018
5:30 pm
Class Fee: $29.99
Pepper Gel Kit $19.99

Just owning pepper spray isn't enough to keep yourself safe. You must learn how to use it correctly to protect yourself!

In this 1-hour class, you will receive a wealth of knowledge on what pepper spray really is, how it works, the best techniques to use, and how to avoid the most common mistakes people make.

Class Structure:

Part 1: More information than you ever wanted about pepper spray

  • Different types of defense sprays
  • Different dispersement mechanisms
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each
  • How to determine pepper spray effectiveness
  • Which spray is right for your particular situation

Part 2: How to use pepper spray effectively

  • The correct grip and technique
  • Best spray patterns
  • How and where to carry
  • Practice against "attacking" instructor
  • Difficult situations including grabbed from behind, choked, or pinned
  • What to do when they have a weapon

Part 3: Legal Ramifications

  • California Penal Code as it relates to pepper spray
  • Your rights regarding self defense
  • Why you should carry pepper spray

Equipment and Restrictions:

As part of this class, each participant purchases a pepper spray practice kit that includes a target, an inert pepper spray canister, and a real pepper spray canister that you will know how to use at the completion of this class.

Please note that minors below the age of 16 may not participate in this class in accordance to California law.


Register for our next workshop to be held on:

Date: Saturday, September 8, 2018
Time: 5:30 - 6:30 pm (1 hour)
Location: 879 Coleman Ave #40, San Jose
For: Adults and Teens ages 16+
Class Fee: $29.99 + $19.99 equipment


We also provide training for private groups! If you would like to request a special Pepper Spray Training class for your own group, please contact us directly at (408) 850-9479.