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The Secret is Out
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Get in great shape, build muscle, burn fat, knock out stress - and have FUN!

The secret to health is becoming ACTIVE, and one of the best workouts in the world is a 2000-year old battle-tested Martial Art: Kung Fu.

For thousands of years, people in China learned Kung Fu (also called Wushu) as a way of life.

Kung Fu gave people the ability to defend themselves in times of war. The self defense skills developed in Kung Fu included everything from empty hand fighting skills to the use af ancient Chinese weapons.

Kung Fu made people stronger, more flexible, very lean, and extremely fit. Physical fitness helped them live happier lives and extended their life span.

Kung Fu allowed students to harness their inner strength, bringing harmony into their lives, and providing a great form of stress relief.

in today's world, we have so many responsibilities. The primary challenge we all face now is this:

How do I juggle everything in my life: Job, Kids, Etc. And still take care of myself?

Students from all walks of life have found the perfect answer at Wushu Central. When you walk in our door, it is time for YOU.

  • You learn the ancient art of Kung Fu, which is a self defense system that has stood the test of time.

  • You get an incredible fat-burning workout that also increases muscular strength and improves flexibility.

  • You feel great and find an amazing sense of peace and balance in your life.

When you leave the school, you take those fantastic changes with you and back into your life. For example, you feel safer and more confident because you know how to defend yourself. You are in better shape, so you can play actively with your children and engage with them more. You feel calm and relaxed, and you bring that positivity into your home.

There's a good reason why it's been around so long: It works.

“I now have the confidence to walk with my head up”

Before I started Wushu I had little or no confidence in regard to being put into a situation that I would have to defend myself. Had I not come to Wushu Central I would have still been walking around with my head down afraid to look at a stranger whom I thought looked intimidating. I now have the confidence to walk with my head up without being afraid of what might happen if I were attacked.

- Jason Janes

“A much fuller life as a human being.”

"I’ve always thought that martial arts are a medium to strictly enhance physical fitness. The training in Wushu Central has taught me that martial arts are more than just physical training, but also mental and spiritual training. Over the past 11 months of Wushu training, I have developed a strict discipline in an effort to enable me keeping up with my busy schedules. I manage to accomplish my tasks because of the focus and concentration that I acquired during my training in Wushu Central. By having those properties in me, I am able to gain more than just physical fitness through Wushu Central but a much fuller life as a human being."

- Arianto Gunawan

“My body has changed dramatically!”

"In just four months I've come from 195lbs to 175lbs. Being 52 years old and generally working out with people 20 years younger I have found out that age will not hold you back. Wushu has changed my mind in the way that it has given me the confidence and guidance to live a healthier lifestyle."

- Stephen Wilson

These are REAL letters from ACTUAL Wushu Central Students.

Starting Martial Arts is the beginning of wonderful life changes. But what makes it truly effective is the fact that punching and kicking, and even getting the opportunity to learn how to use a sword - it's FUN

In fact, it's so much fun - it's ADDICTING!

Whether you are in your 20's or entering your senior years, there is a class for you here. Over 600 students make Wushu Central Martial Arts their school of choice, making us one of the most well-known and respected organizations in the area.

Our Classes Feature...

  • A variety of classes in martial arts, Tai Chi, gymnastics, weapons, and more, so it never gets boring
  • Classes available on weekdays and on weekends (both Saturday and Sunday)
  • Classes open in mornings, afternoons, and evenings to make scheduling easy
  • Clean facilities, safety equipment, and expertly-trained instructors for an impeccable safety record
  • Encouragement and support from great instructors and other studentsWhether you are in your 20's or entering your senior years, there is a class for you here. Over 600 students

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