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Private Lessons

"An ideal athlete strives to realize the full potential of their body, strives for a healthful hardship. Wushu, by its diversity of movements and techniques, trains the body to improve in this direction of ideal.

In order to lead others to this ideal, it is important that others can be inspired to follow. Wushu, by emphasizing technical details and ultimately, overall aestheticism in the form (a.k.a., the coolness factor), accomplishes this also...

Wushu has given me athletic and intellectual goals to strive for, and I know that by doing so, I am coming closer to my own vision of an ideal self."

- Bob Kuo

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Why Private Lessons?

Individual abilities require individual attention - for this purpose, we offer private and semi-privates lessons to our students. Whether you want to sharpen your forms, learn a special weapon, or even just prepare for your next belt test, private lessons are one of the best ways to reach your next level of achievement.

Private lessons are scheduled at the front desk and must be paid for at the time of making the appointment. Appointments are made based on instructor and floor availability.


Private Lessons may be purchased individually or in a block.

30-min w/ Instructor (Qty 1): $50

30-min w/ Instructor (Qty 10): $450

30-min w/ Master Instructor* (Qty 1): $80

30-min w/ Master Instructor* (Qty 10): $720


* book in advance, space is limited

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