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Padded Weapons

"As parents, we find the team in Wushu Central excellent - not only they are competent in their discipline but they are also great with kids. They know how to be respected but also appreciated and get the best out of our children."

- Isabelle Reddy

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What is the Padded Weapons Class?

Padded Weapons, also known as Combative Wushu Weapons, are a fantastic way for Wushu students to learn realistic sword combat safely and without risk of injury.

Even children can begin to learn at a young age. Using specially designed equipment which properly represent actual Wushu weapons (swords, staffs, and spears), students train their skills and reflexes at full-speed and full-contact with 100% safety.

How does it work?

Combative Wushu weapons derives its techniques and methodology from both Wushu and Kenjutsu (Japanese sword-fighting). Our curriculum teaches the five internationally recognized sword strikes, the basic strike form, three blocking sets, and fifteen sword techniques.

You also gain experience in weapon sparring, individual, and team competition. To mix in fun, students get to play a variety of games which put your combat skills to the ultimate test. Combative Weapon students also qualify to compete in Wushu Central's annual martial arts tournament.

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